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Business Plan

1) Team Level Incentive

Level Amount
1 250
2 100
3 100
4 50

• The incentive will be calculated when member does first Top-Up of Rs.2000/-

2) Auto Pool Incentive

• Member who has purchased product worth 2500/- will be placed in Matrix tree as per Top to Bottom & Left to Right (TBLR) logic.

Level Total Members Per Id Income Amount on Level Completion
1 4 Rs.100 Rs.400
2 16 Rs.50 Rs.800
3 64 Rs.25 Rs.1600
4 256 Rs.10 Rs.2560
Total 340 Rs.185 Rs.5360

• Incentive amount of Rs.5360 will be distributed only once to each member after completion of 4*4 matrix tree.

3) Paid Franchisee

• Admin can create franchisee.

• Franchisee can raise E-Pin request to Admin, admin will dispatch the required quantities of E-Pin to Franchisee.

• Member can request E-Pin from franchisee, and franchisee will dispatch the E-Pins to member.

(TDS and Admin Charges will be applicable to all incentives.)

business plan